Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Duplicate Access Card

Duplicate Access Card Singapore

We at Duplicate Access Card Singapore specialize in cloning and duplication of condo access cards in Singapore.

Did your landlord give you too few access cards?

Did the management committee of your condo limit the number of access cards to you?

Do you need to have an extra condo access card but find that the management committee of your condo charging you an arm and a leg for that access card?

Why pay a deposit for the access card only to lose the receipt and then find that you cannot get back that deposit?

Then consider clone your current condo access card with Dulicate Access Card Singapore.

We use state of the art cloning equipment that is guaranteed to clone your condo access card.  We also guarantee that your access card will work.  We will refund you 100% shoud your card not work.

We do islandwide door to door duplicate access card. 
Just give us a call and make an appointment today.

JACK - 81246266
Duplicate Access Card - $25 Only